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An autoimmune disease can be simply defined as a confused immune system that attacks human tissues. It is difficult to diagnose. It is chronic and lifelong. There is no cure, only symptom management.  

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Autoimmune Disease Is A Growing Epidemic 

Diagnosis of autoimmune  is growing 17 - 19% per year. It affects more than 50 million Americans (2 million Canadians) and costs the health care system more than $100 billion per year - that's more than cancer. 

Yet, very little is known about autoimmune conditions. While research dollars for cancer and heart disease are in the billions, there is less than $600 million allocated to understanding autoimmune cause and cure. 


Research is splintered according to the disease and area of the body (bone, hormones, gut, etc.). And with over 100 autoimmune diseases, research is fractioned even further.


Graves disease, MS and Crohn's/Colitis top the list of most common diseases. Females are more susceptible. And eczema, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and PCOS are common co-factors with those with an autoimmune disease. 

So what can you do about it? 

A lot. 

According to researchers, genetics are responsible for one third of autoimmune conditions. Environmental triggers (virus, toxins), diet and lifestyle are responsible for the remaining two thirds. 

This is good news. 

This means you have influence over external, environmental factors and you KNOW you can change diet and lifestyle. These are all modifiable. You have control. That's where I can help. 

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My daughter has a rare disease called CRMO (chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis). Gut health is critical in managing her disease. 

You see, many people don't realize that dysbiosis (bacterial imbalances in the intestines) and/or leaky gut are present in 100% of people with an autoimmune disease. Sure enough, testing revealed she had dysbiosis. 


We worked on her gut, diet and lifestyle (sleep and stress management). Eight months later, one of her lesions disappeared and she is stronger/healthier than she was pre-diagnosis, even with a chronic disease. Her disease is currently quiet. 

With her blessing, I now am committed to helping other people and families who are struggling with an autoimmune disease. She is the reason why I became an AIP Certified Coach with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (Paleo Mom), Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt. 


I've created two programs to help kids and adults get back to balance. My 12-week program for parents and kids helps families reclaim control over their child's disease, empowering their child in his/her own health journey. For adults, I have a 6-week approach. Both are founded in science and experience and take a practical approach to change. 

No matter your diagnosis, it is never too late to make change. Big steps or small steps. We will figure it out. 

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