Benefits of live cell analysis?

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Weight loss, improved fitness and increased energy are common goals for many of my clients. A similar amount are also working to reduce pain and improve digestion.

Live Cell Analysis can develop a specific plan to help you achieve your health goals faster.

Using a powerful dark-field microscope, Live Cell Analysis examines a single drop of blood to gain insight into your nutritional status. This educational tool allows us to examine the terrain of your body and identify possible nutritional imbalances that may be undermining progress.

Sometimes we think we are eating the right things, but we may not be absorbing our nutrients or getting the right type of nutrition for our body types and lifestyles. We are left feeling lethargic, fatigued, bloated or even in pain.

  • Athletes, frequent flyers and those on prescription medications can sometimes show free radical damage or possibly be low in essential fatty acids or antioxidants, which are important for energy metabolism and controlling inflammation.

  • Those experiencing stubborn weight loss will benefit from looking at hormonal imbalances, absorption of nutrients and bowel health.

  • Joint/muscle paincan have underlying links with poor bowel health, food sensitivities, refined fats or sugars, or a sluggish liver.

  • Food sensitivities and digestive distress can sometimes present with poor bowel health, sluggish liver/gallbladder activity or potential nutritional deficiencies, such as B12, essential fatty acids or antioxidants

Each person has a unique set of results and recommended next steps. It is not a diagnosis. Rather it provides the opportunity to observe the size, shape, movement of your red blood cells, white blood cells and the plasma in between. The assessment looks at the whole person and takes into account diet, lifestyle and current health status before making customized recommendations.

The first appointment is usually 60 minutes in length during which time I review your health history, perform the analysis and give some "get started" recommendations. You then meet with me a second time to receive a comprehensive plan of action (complete with meal ideas, grocery lists and recipes) and a copy of the assessment results.

Results are also shared with your naturopathic doctor so we can collaborate on your health plan.

To book an appointment: or 416-271-4891.

To prepare for your appointment:

1. Please do not eat or drink anything other than water or herbal tea for 2 – 3 hours before your appointment. It will skew the results.

2. Please drink plenty of water leading up to your appointment.

3. Please feel free to bring a snack or lunch to your appointment and you can eat that during the consultation, if you like.

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