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Discover 3 nutritional influences for rheumatic & arthritic autoimmune.

How to decrease pain/inflammation and improve energy/focus using anti-inflammatory foods.

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This guide is for you if:

  • You have a rheumatic  disease or inflammatory arthritis: RA, JIA, AS, PsA, Lupus, MCTD, Sjogren's, Fibro & others. You may also have a co-existing IBD like Crohn's, Colitis or Celiac.
  • You want to know what foods to ADD to your plate, not just avoid
  • You have the goal of reducing fatigue and  joint/muscle/digestive pain in the next 3-6 months and are ready to use anti-inflammatory nutrition as part of your solution
  • You're doing everything the doctors are telling you... and you're still not seeing the results you would like.

  • You're confused by all the information and want to learn from a professional who has personal and clinical  experience 

Meet Vanessa Bond


Hi, I’m founder of The Integrative Autoimmune Network, nutritionist by trade and mom to an autoimmune teen in life.

I know you're looking for practical solutions that fit into your life and not another list of things to do.

It’s my professional and personal experience that research-based nutrition & lifestyle strategies can help provide incredible relief from aches, pains, digestive upset and low energy while also rebuilding resilience ... fortifying our bodies for healing.

That's because nutrition is about nourishment and what we ADD to our plates is critically important for relief.

That's why I created this guide. People are often low in certain foods, like healthy fats, antioxidants and some other important micronutrients.

I give insights into three major nutritional influences for inflammation along with practical tips and recipes for home.


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Plate full of delicious healthy food - salmon, apples, quinoa, vegetables

If you're curious about my story ...

My teen is living well with a rare rheumatic condition called CRMO, which is similar to JIA or RA. I too have had elevated Rheumatoid Factor since my 20s, and used to struggle with a long list of digestive issues (IBS & Candida), which is why I became a holistic & integrative nutritionist 10 years ago. 

Integrative nutrition and supporting digestive function - making it practical and easy for our family - was a key part of our success because food is the foundation for health.

During my career, I have worked at two naturopathic health clinics where I supported clients with various inflammatory conditions and now support clients online across Canada and the US.

I'm a professional advisor at the student clinic with the Institute For Holistic Nutrition, I write for publications and participate in summits and podcasts.

I hope you enjoy the handout ... it's what I practice at home and teach my clients.

Helping you bond with good health,