My mission is to make natural health accessible to the autoimmune community so you are empowered and knowledgeable in your own wellbeing.

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Fatigue is the #1 complaint I hear from clients with autoimmune. Reclaiming control over your energy begins with understanding the autoimmune-energy connection and then how to use nutrition to your advantage ... which foods can build you up ... or bring you down.



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Private And Group Coaching

Vanessa uses evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle practices to help you find freedom from autoimmune-related inflammation, pain, swelling, digestive upset and (for some) weight gain that can limit activities, relationships and quality of life. She uses a step-by-step approach suitable for individuals or families looking to optimize health and wellbeing with a natural approach.

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Private Coaching

Vanessa has clinical nutrition and lifestyle coaching experience with a wide range of conditions including personalized weight loss, hormonal imbalances, stress rebalancing and digestive conditions like IBS. She provides customized, step-by-step support to help you hit your goals and learn to feel great in your body. 

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Connect With Others

Connect with other parents and individuals using natural strategies as part of their overall autoimmune health plan. Vanessa shares relevant trainings and fun interactive posts each week in The Autoimmune Family Room. Come join us and learn how to bond with good health. 

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Vanessa Bond, CNP, AIP Certified Coach

Located in Toronto, Canada, Vanessa Bond is a certified nutritional practitioner and AIP Certified Coach. Her mission is to make natural health accessible to autoimmune communities so you are empowered and knowledgeable in your own wellbeing.

She specializes in helping parents with autoimmune conditions naturally reclaim energy and health so you can move more, laugh more and connect more with your loved ones.

She uses evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle practices to help you find freedom from inflammation, pain, swelling, digestive upset and for some, weight gain that can limit activities, relationships and quality of life.

With the right plan, attitude, coach and community, she believes we can do great things to improve our health and wellbeing. It simply requires learning how to nourish your body, mind and soul to get the best results for your unique situation and your family.

Vanessa is also the mom of an autoimmune kid who is thriving despite a rare auto-inflammatory bone disease called CRMO. Nutrition, lifestyle and gut health support are key strategies in her success and its these strategies that Vanessa passes on to her clients and communities.


What does success look like for you?

  • WEIGHT - I learned that what I eat makes a huge difference in how I feel. I lost 8 pounds and my energy is through the roof!

  • SKIN & WEIGHT - I had no idea that getting rid of gluten would help improve my skin and joints. I’ve lost 20 pounds in one month. 

  • CROHN’s - I’m happy to report that my daughter took a solid poop today! That hasn’t happened in years.

  • CRMO - My teenage daughter admits she feels better. She’s the healthiest she has been since the onset of her disease. 

  • AS - My psoriasis cleared for the first time in 8 years. My energy is back! 

  • PANDAS - I’ve learned my son’s unique triggers. 

  • MS - My blood sugar has come down and I’ve increased my weekly workouts. 

  • HASHI's- I’ve lost 15 pounds that I struggled for a year to take off, I’m sleeping better and have more energy.

  • MOM - I know I’m not helpless.There is something I can do to help my daughter.

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"One can not think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well."

Virginia Woolf



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