I teach people how to find relief from flares & inflammation using proven nutrition and lifestyle strategies (digestion, joint, skin, hormones, weight).

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That Can Trigger Flares 

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Everyone has a story.​

If ever there was a reason why I became a holistic nutritionist, my daughter is it.


She has a rare auto-inflammatory bone disease called CRMO. Diet, lifestyle and gut work help reduce her "bone shattering pain" so she can live life on her terms. 

My mission is to help families and individuals reclaim control over their bodies so they can bond with health.

I believe in an evidence-based approach that is practical. If you won't do it, it won't work. And I believe in imperfect action. You just need to start one step at a time. 

Autoimmune (Kids and Adults)

created The Autoimmune Family System to help individuals get back to living life on their terms.

Genetics are only 1/3 of the reason why you will develop an autoimmune disease. Learn about the remaining factors so you can achieve optimum health for yourself, your family and your child. 

Chronic Inflammation (Adults & Weight Loss)

Do you remember when you could just get up and go? 

I work with men and women who want to reclaim control over their aches, pains, fatigue and stubborn weight loss. People who have their eye on the end prize - happiness and health, not just a pair of jeans. 

I use a unique eight-step method to help you reclaim optimum health. Let's talk. I want to hear about your journey and where you want to go next. 

How I help. 
My services are often covered under employee benefits plans. Make sure you look at your plan! 
  • Private Consulting (in-person, online)
  • Two Online Group Programs - Autoimmune Kids and Adult Inflammation
  • Custom meal planning
  • Laboratories: food sensitivities, hair mineral analysis 
  • Health Care Team: collaboration with naturopathic doctors, functional practitioners and body experts
  • Cooking lessons, pantry purges, grocery tours
  • Wellness workshops and writing

"Nutritional counselling" is covered with these insurance carriers...

Manulife - iFinancial Group - Greenshield Canada - ClaimSecure Inc. - Blue Cross Alberta

- Sunlife ("personal spending account") -

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