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Your genetics are not your destiny. You CAN redefine your health & how you feel, starting today.


Working with your doctor on your autoimmune is critical, yet genetics & medication are only one part of the solution.

Nutrition. Lifestyle. Environmental influences. Gut health. Stress.

All autoimmune experts agree these play a HUGE role in the chronic inflammation, the progression of disease and persistent symptoms.

The good news is that you have control over much of this.

This is why we created ...

The Integrative Autoimmune Network & Introductory Jumpstart Program!


We are the online monthly membership for women with autoimmune who are ready for proven professional support to help you step into your own healing know-how.

We provide wisdom, simple steps & effective resources to help you create & stick with nutrition & lifestyle changes that keeps you in control, no matter what life puts in your path.

Everything we provide is designed to INTEGRATE with your treatment plan, not replace it ... the team you can lean on in between your specialists and lab tests for greater progress & relief.

Our team includes several autoimmune specialists in the areas of functional & holistic nutrition and mind-body therapies with five autoimmune among us (rheumatic disease, MS, Hashimoto's, IBD, psoriasis).

 We've walked in corporate stilettos, are raising families of our own, and understand the demands you have at home, work and in the community.  Making yourself a priority isn't always easy, but we know from experience, it is always worth it! 

You have one body and one life ... Make the most of it.


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Try It For Yourself With The Autoimmune Jumpstart!


Our members have different complicated diagnoses and symptoms which is why we offer a free 14-day trial program. We want you to try it for yourself with no pressure.

This includes education + practical tools from vetted experts, and a private 15-minute call to customize your experience, so you feel supported from Day One: 

  1. Autoimmune Nutrition to flood the body with nutrients it needs to help reduce inflammation & disease activity
  2. Mobility Yoga to ease sore joints, muscles and fatigue
  3. Embodied Breathwork to downgrade the physical impact of "stress" and improve pain, energy, immune and digestive function


Whether you're working with a natural doctor, or trying this on your own, we are the perfect partners to your health plan ... all the resources you need, all in one place.

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What happens after the Jumpstart?


Feel supported & motivated for as long as you decide to stay

We are the team you can lean on every step of the way and during the long months in between your specialist appointments. Live classes, 1:1 consults, group coaching ... you're never alone.


Eat to beat inflammation

Complete our Autoimmune Nutrition Course (4 months) based on your body, symptoms and root causes for inflammation and flares, while embracing a nourishing mindset and nutrition know-how. We'll help you benchmark progress and troubleshoot challenges, making  the most of what's local, in season and accessible in your grocery store.


Build physical strength & flexibility one step & breath at a time in the comfort of your home

Work to overcome physical discomfort &  limitations with our unique fusion yoga for autoimmune You can pick and choose classes according to your condition, or use our progressive yoga plans & challenges.


Improve physical & mental stress resilience, energy & mood for work, home and play

Lighten the load of living with chronic illness, feeling more energized, grounded and in control. Complete our Embodied Breath/Meditation Course (8 weeks) or follow our reality-based lifestyle method.


All of which leads to better metabolic markers of health & less medical worries

Blood work, hormones and weight ... nutrition, digestion, movement and stress management are all proven to help lower inflammatory markers such as blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and more. This is something your doctor will be on board with.

Meet your experts with 36 years combined experience

MS, Hashimoto's, Rheumatic Disease, IBD, Psoriasis

Headshot of Vanessa, long brown hair with a green shirt

Vanessa Bond, BA, CNP, AIP Certified Coach has 12+ years of clinical experience, along with being the mom of an autoimmune teen who is thriving with a rare rheumatic auto-inflammatory condition called CRMO (similar to RA or JIA). Vanessa has diverticulosis, eczema, psoriasis and suspected PsA.

She understands bone-aching fatigue and flares that can make children & adults cry.

Vanessa takes a holistic & functional approach. She teaches you how to feed & fuel your body for better immune regulation, digestion and cellular health to promote healing with less symptoms.

Food is a critical part of the solution, as are lifestyle changes (how we digest life).

Vanessa is a professional advisor to the student clinic at the Institute Of Holistic Nutrition in Canada, and has additional professional certifications in endocrine support, blood sugar management, gut health mastery, AIP and functional lab testing.

Headshot of Vanessa, long brown hair with a green shirt
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Loraine Burt, BA, is a Certified Yoga Instructor with 1200+ hours in professional training (Esther Myers, Naada) and 10 years experience in working with clients. She's a children’s author (Unicorn Caitie), mom to two amazing young adults, and a Toronto District School Board approved instructor.

Lori has been living an exceptional life with Hashimoto's for over 20 years, and has other autoimmune in her family.

She strongly believes in a mindful approach in how we live our lives to protect our precious energies and nervous system. With a corporate sales background in employee health benefits, she understands the impact stress has on inflammation & disease. Her passion is helping members live mindfully at home and work, so they can lead healthy, productive lives. She takes a gentle approach in working with our community & makes yoga accessible for all body types.

Headshot of Kristin - long brown hair and black shirt


Kristin Wedding, MA is the CEO of Vyana Wellness & Yoga, a Certified Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Pause Breathwork Facilitator with over 400 hours in professional training.

She has been thriving with multiple sclerosis and chronic pain for 12 years while also being the mom of two busy girls at home.

With a background in global health development, Kristin believes stress is one of the biggest root drivers of autoimmune and its physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

Her professional and personal experience, combined with her specific focus on yoga and breathwork practices for autoimmune, stress & trauma is a special addition to our membership team that is hard to find in the autoimmune community.

Headshot of Kristin - long brown hair and black shirt


Everything we recommend is designed to INTEGRATE with your larger health plan, not replace it.

"Vanessa helped me stay on track, especially on the days I wanted to give up"

Headshot of Vanessa - anti-inflammatory nutritionist

"Vanessa is compassionate, informative, and motivating. Her programs are set in a way that you are gradually changing and improving your diet and lifestyle. She helped me stay on track, by providing me the ‘pep’ talk I needed to push through, especially on the days or weeks I just wanted to give up. I don’t think I would have been so successful without her and her amazing programs."

- Victoria S, RA, Lupus, Sjogren’s

"Vanessa's approach is very different from my previous experiences. I am a perfectionist and in the past I would jump in 100% with a new eating plan and try to be perfect. However, with Vanessa's approach, she helped me to build a better relationship with food and a plan that was flexible to suit my specific needs. It continued to support me to be healthier, but I didn't feel deprived or too overwhelmed (like I did in the past). I also liked her level headed approach between the medical and holistic industry. Again, it was a good balance between the two and not the one or the other."

- Karin R (Hashimoto’s, RA and Type 2 Diabetes)

Plate of healthy foods, salmon, quinoa, fruit, vegetables

"Lori's breath & movement tools are now part of my everyday life ... I suffer from fibromyalgia & chronic pain."

Headshot of Loraine - certified yoga instructor

‚ÄúLearning restorative yoga and mindfulness from Lori has¬†truly been life changing for me.¬†I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Some days are much tougher than others and the breath and movement tools I have learned are now part of my every day life. I‚Äôm so grateful for her patience, her calm gentle encouragement and her positive energy. I encourage anyone with chronic pain to try Lori‚Äôs classes.¬†The mind body connection is real and powerful!!‚ÄĚ

- Tanya H, Fibromyalgia

"Kristin has gotten me back to sleep at night."

Headshot of Kristin - certified professional health and wellness coach

"The breath pattern Kristin taught me has gotten me back to sleep at night without playing back 20 scenarios in my mind and exhausting myself 30 minutes before the alarm goes off."

- Marianne B

"I haven't felt this good in over a year. The support you and my naturopath are giving me really helps."

Linda, MCTD


"Got labs back today and things are better than ever! I'm sure a big part of this is because I've been following all of your brilliant guidance ... Thyroid is better than it's bee in a year and kidneys are happier probably because of all the hydration, good iron and B12!"

Samantha, Gvt Employee, Hashimoto's


"I joined because I wanted support, not more information. I like that it's run by several experts in their fields who direct you to things that help you move forward in your health, with data and research to back what we're doing,"

Nicole, Cardiac Nurse, AS


“There is a lot of detail, step by step information and a supportive team. Your nutrition plan has really helped my stomach."

Brenda C, Sjogrens, FIbro and RA


‚ÄúThe breathwork and yoga have helped calm my nervous system.¬† Practicing the breathwork, even a few minutes while stressed during the day helps‚ÄĚ

Lucy, Business Owner, Oral Lichen Planus


‚ÄúI wanted to add a yoga practice into my daily life, but¬†I wasn't able to do 'normal' yoga because of my mobility restrictions.‚Ä̬†

Karin, Busy Mom and Artist, RA, Hashimoto’s, Type 2 Diabetes


‚ÄúWonderful info and learning about more about mind and body connection. Food paths, insights into autoimmune nutrition, yoga & breathwork, coaching calls, community support‚ÄĚ

Cammy, Working Mom, Fibromyalgia, Uveitis

Too good to be true?

A personal note ...

In 2021, our communities and clients told us (loud and clear) they want affordable, monthly guidance & support with vetted professionals because autoimmune is a lifelong relationship ... it's not "fixed" with a cookbook, supplement or video.

They are busy, want to keep working and want to reduce their risks for metabolic disease + additional diagnoses ... something that is common with autoimmune, that no one talks about until it's too late.

So in 2022, we created what they asked for and quite frankly, there isn’t anything like this for autoimmune with this level of expertise, personalization and support, which is why a growing body of doctors & health professionals recommend our membership to their patients and clients.

It is our personal mission to remove the physical, emotional and financial strains of autoimmune, so you feel empowered in your health and your ability to work with your body, no matter what life throws at you.

We are committed to supporting YOU ... the person ... Which is why we offer The Jumpstart free trial and our "cancel anytime" policy.

So, if you're ready to make yourself a priority and reconnect with your body and health, we invite you to join us. It is our honour to support you.


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