Professionally Guided Nutrition, Yoga & Mindset For Autoimmune Under One Roof.

Introducing The Integrative Autoimmune Network!

An online monthly membership to help you improve chronic pain, energy, digestion and metabolism without spending a fortune on specialists, classes or supplements.

Created by health professionals living with autoimmune, we combine the best of our 30 years expertise in anti-inflammatory nutrition, breathwork and therapeutic yoga specific to autoimmune so you can follow a simple whole-body routine and regain control of your health.

We designed each step with intention - proven nutrition and lifestyle habits  that integrate with your medical plan.

Let's Get Started!

Your monthly membership helps you …


Follow A Nutrition Plan That Works For Your Diagnosis & Your Life!

Food is the foundation for health, and when you have autoimmune, it can get confusing as to what’s best for you. Our certified nutritionists remove the guesswork so you can focus on proven steps to help improve pain, energy, digestion and weight for women with rheumatic disease, inflammatory arthritis, MS, Hashimoto’s and IBD.

We focus on what foods  to ADD, using our signature Reality-Based Meal Planning Method so changes are intentional and new habits stick. This makes autoimmune nutrition EASY for our busy members who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen.

You’ll receive all you need to succeed with your new Reality-Based nutrition plan ... simple delicious recipes, done-for-you meal plans, tutorials and live coaching to help you apply nutrition in a way that makes sense for your body and life.


Improve Physical & Mental Resilience

A whole-body solution for autoimmune includes the right type of movement & mindset for a body trying to overcome fatigue and inflammation. Our proven yoga, meditation & breathwork techniques calm nervous system imbalances that are directly linked with a hyperactive immune response, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and mood swings.

Our coaches have extensive experience in working with clients with pain and fatigue and we’ve created our on-demand and live classes  in a way that is suitable for all body types and levels of experience. This helps our members overcome stress intolerance, and rebuild resilience and strength, one breath and step at a time. 


Embrace Lifestyle Solutions To Improve Quality Of Life With Chronic Illness

Our members want to learn about various ways to help improve living with chronic illness … things that are in their control and can complement their treatment plan … 

Sleep, gut health, hormones, work strategies, what to do when in a flare, family considerations, environmental toxins, pain management, etc ... LIFE! 

We call this “Reality Bits and Bites” … Tools and resources for work and family life so you learn how to better weather the ups/downs of autoimmune.

Woman standing in tree pose
white bowl full of blueberries

Simple Action Steps + Expert Guidance = Predictable Results


>>> You know you need to change something, but are having difficulty getting started or staying consistent with your routine.

>>> You’ve thought about working with an expert, but aren’t sure who is best for your needs.

>>> You've looked at apps and YouTube, but they aren’t specific to autoimmune and the cookbooks are gathering dust. 

Our membership combines 30 decades worth of experience in supporting root causes for autoimmune flares and inflammation: digestive imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and nervous system dysregulation. 

We take a step-by-step approach in all we do, including introductory classes for those who are new to nutrition, breathwork or yoga for autoimmune ... And more advanced trainings for those who have been at this for a while and are ready to take their health to the next level.

Members who implement our monthly nutrition & lifestyle action steps can expect a 50-70% increase in energy, 70-90% improvement in digestive function, 30-50% improvement in pain and 5 - 20 pounds lost in the first 2-3 months. 


What we teach is often missing from health plans or financially inaccessible ... no more!  

Professional guidance should not have to put you into debt.

Our community spoke loud and clear … they want an affordable whole body solution, rather than just targeting one aspect of their health like they’ve tried in the past. They want to learn how to work on things that are in their control to help support their health and not trigger or worsen their diseases. 

“The fact that you would do this to help people and make it affordable meant the world to me. I have worked really hard in my life to get healthy and there have been many bumps along the way.” (Lucy, Oral Lichen Planus)

“I often feel alone in this journey and sometimes I feel like I’m always trying to “figure” out what to do next. I like having others around who are experiencing similar things. I was looking for additional support.” (Shelly H, MS)

“I knew I needed more than just medication. I had tried some dietary changes on my own, as well as tried low FODMAP with help of a dietician. None helped much. I like that The Network includes not only nutrition advice, but also yoga and breathwork, and that it is affordable. I don't have a large budget.” (Monika, Lymphocytic Colitis) 

“I wanted to add a yoga practice into my daily life, but wasn't able to do 'normal' yoga because of my mobility restrictions.” (Karin, RA, Hashimoto’s, Type 2 Diabetes)

anti inflammatory foods, yoga, and breath work

Simple, intentional steps to get control of your health

  • Know what your body needs so you can work on things within your control instead of feeling like you're always reacting to a crisis or new symptom
  • Improve how you metabolize mental and physical stressors that can drive physical symptoms with practical, actionable tools so you can better weather the ups/downs of life and physical limitations with greater ease and resilience
  • Have the energy to connect & confidently show up for the people you love and those who depend on you at home, work and in your community
  • Continue to work and contribute to household finances, minimizing sick days or medical leaves
  • Be more active with family, friends and in your community instead of having to say "maybe tomorrow" and watch from the sidelines
  • Help break the generational chain of autoimmune by teaching your family new habits that will serve them a lifetime

Who are your autoimmune experts?

This membership was created by Vanessa Bond and her founding partners  out of a promise to help other families with autoimmune have more  opportunities for health and recovery. Frustrated by the lack of affordable options for professionally-guided care, we created The Integrative Autoimmune Network.

Headshot of Vanessa, long brown hair with a green shirt

Vanessa Bond, BA, CNP, AIP Certified Coach brings both 10 years of clinical experience to The Network, along with the perspective of having her own autoimmune family. Vanessa is the mom of a teen with a rare rheumatic auto-inflammatory condition called CRMO (it’s similar to RA or JIA). The nutrition and health strategies she shares in this membership were key in changing the trajectory of her daughter’s health. These are also the strategies she uses in her private practice.

Headshot of Vanessa, long brown hair with a green shirt
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Loraine Burt, BA, is a Certified Yoga Instructor (Esther Myers), children’s author (Unicorn Caitie), mom to two amazing young adults, and a Toronto District School Board approved instructor. With a background in employee health benefits, her passion is helping women and families live more mindful, healthy and productive lives.

Headshot of Kristin - long brown hair and black shirt


Kristin Wedding, MA is the CEO of Vyana Wellness & Yoga, a Certified Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Pause Breathwork Facilitator. She has been living well with multiple sclerosis and chronic pain for 10 years. In her own experience and after working with hundreds of autoimmune women, she believes stress is one of the biggest root drivers of autoimmune and its physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Kristin’s expertise developing yoga and breathwork practices for autoimmune, stress, and trauma combined with her role as a busy mom AND thriving with MS is a special combination that is hard to find in the autoimmune community.

Headshot of Kristin - long brown hair and black shirt
Women with autoimmune sitting on step

As women with autoimmune in our own lives, we know you have a full life and you need simple, proven solutions to integrate into your schedule.

Each month, The Network  provides an intentional FOCUS and theme in each of our core areas, along with simple action steps you  can apply at home. 

Each step is strategically selected by our team and takes a progressive approach to rebuilding energy and physical/mental strength, focusing on what we know will get the best results for our members who want to be more active, enjoy food and feel connected to their bodies (and life!).



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With a combined 30 years experience, we know that in order for people to be successful in creating change (and stick with it), they can only focus on one thing at a time.  

Each month, The Network  provides an intentional FOCUS in each of our key pillars along with simple action steps you can follow  so you can move forward in reducing pain, fatigue, digestive discomfort and stress.

  • Autoimmune Nutrition: Evidence-based nutrition that helps correct nutritional deficiencies and gut health issues that are common with autoimmune and can contribute to unnecessary pain, fatigue, digestive upset and weight challenges.
  • Breathwork For Autoimmune Stressors: A scientifically proven approach to quickly reset the nervous system and support your immune response for better stress tolerance.
  • Movement: On demand restorative yoga, therapeutic flows and guided meditations designed specifically for autoimmune bodies. Suitable for all body types and levels of experience to help build both physical and emotional fortitude while living with chronic illness.
  • Reality Bits & Bites: bonus training, handouts and live guest speakers on various topics relating to living with chronic illness (hormones, work, parenting, socializing, mental health, etc.)
  • Two live group coaching calls per month where you can connect with our experts to ask questions and get realtime, actionable feedback to help you move ahead in your health goals
  • A private member community and discussion board (NOT facebook) to post comments and questions 7-days a week
  • An easy-to-use app where you can access all your trainings and handouts at your fingertips (the grocery store, doctors office, soccer field, vacation)

The Result? 

Taking control of your health with intentional steps.


“After 2 weeks on the diet one of my more challenging symptoms decreased immensely.” (Shelly H, Teacher, MS) 


“There is a vast amount of knowledge and resources, you can go at your own pace. This is a safe space and a lot of support as you need it. The breathwork and yoga have helped calm my nervous system.  Practicing the breathwork, even a few minutes while stressed during the day helps” (Lorraine, Business Owner, Oral Lichen Planus).


“It’s a blessing.” (Karin, Artist,  RA, Hashimoto’s, Type 2 Diabetes)


“Wonderful info and learning about more about mind and body connection. Food paths, insights into autoimmune nutrition, yoga & breathwork, coaching calls, community support” (Cammy, Fibromyalgia, Uveitis)


“There is a lot of detail, step by step information and a supportive team." (Brenda C, Sjogrens and RA).

The Result? 

Physical and emotional resilience

After receiving focused & intentional month-by-month instructions that includes nutrition, movement and mindset to help you address inflammation, the nervous system and overall autoimmune health …

You’ll have confidence in knowing what’s best for your body, you’re being guided by professionals, you’re surrounded by community and have all the tools you need to rebuild your physical and emotional resilience when living with autoimmune.

You’ll learn how to thrive.

Is this for you?

YES! If you WANT to ...

  • Use evidence-based nutrition as part of your plan in reducing inflammation & stress and not feel like you're always reacting to your health
  • Have relief in knowing you have access to vetted professionals instead of searching the Internet
  • Improve your outlook and mental fortitude / stress resilience while living with autoimmune 
  • Feel confident in knowing what foods are best for your body using one of two scientifically proven nutritional paths for rheumatic conditions, IBD and MS
  • Be more active & improve range of motion, strength with a gentle yoga practice  while also reducing joint/muscle discomfort 
  • Have more energy and focus for your loved ones, work and all the things you accomplish in a day
  • Create a positive relationship with your body, yourself and others who are going through the same journey as you 

NO! If ...

  • You're looking for a quick fix or magical supplement for your autoimmune. This is a proven method of consistency and coaching that gets results for our members.
  • You aren’t willing to invest a minimum of 3 months into your long term health. Long lasting change doesn't happen overnight.
  • You aren’t ready to make the necessary changes to help improve inflammation and stress resilience (and that's okay, because not all of us are).
  • You’re under 18 years of age. You need your parents' participation in this membership.

Will you join The Integrative Autoimmune Network?


Lori truly understands …

Headshot of Loraine - certified yoga instructor

"If you are experiencing chronic pain and/or nervous system issues, you will appreciate Lori’s incredibly warm and caring approach combined with her focus on safety, soothing, and healing. Lori truly understands that mindfulness, combined with science-backed breathing techniques, are critical in terms of guiding people toward safe, pain-free, and restorative movement and meditation. Lori’s holistic approach respects the connections between the body and the mind and she knows how to help people feel calmer, stronger, healthier. Lori is one of those very special people whose positive energy alone is healing."

- Karen J

“I have been a student of Lori’s restorative practice for over 7 years. Learning restorative yoga and mindfulness from Lori has truly been life changing for me. I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Some days are much tougher than others and the breath and movement tools I have learned from Lori are now part of my every day life. I’m so grateful for her patience, her calm gentle encouragement and her positive energy. I encourage anyone with chronic pain to try Lori’s classes. The mind body connection is real and powerful!!

- Tanya H, Fibromyalgia

woman stretching

Here's An Example Of  What’s Inside …


Includes foundational trainings for autoimmune nutrition, yoga and breathwork. You’ll also receive a decision making tree to help you determine which nutritional path is best for you, based on your health history, symptoms and what makes most sense for your family or life dynamics.


Our foundational courses are designed to help move your health forward in different ways.

Reality Based Meal Planning For Autoimmune 

This course is suitable for beginners and advanced chefs alike. We help you adopt an autoimmune-friendly nutrition plan with a meal-by-meal approach and a strong emphasis on what to ADD to your plate.  We do so because too often people are hyper focused on what to avoid and miss opportunities for variety and enjoyment. 

We provide all the resources you need to succeed including easy and delicious recipes (think 30 minutes or less), meal plans, cooking tutorials and workshops on various aspects of nutrition, including how to create a meal plan that works for your diagnosis and your busy schedule.

Beyond our core plans, we also provide practical troubleshooting recipes and meal plans for members with medically-advised food limitations (i.e., low sodium, fodmap, etc.).

Autoimmune-Focused Breathwork 

This unique offering to the autoimmune community is designed to help you clear stress and anxiety, promote a better night’s sleep and improve energy by targeting nervous system imbalances.  Breathwork is a complementary practice recommended by most associations to help improve quality of life, yet women know how to get started or integrate it into their daily routine.

Using our Reality-Based Planning Method, we break it down for you, teaching you the fundamentals and providing intentional sequences you can call on any time of the day - at work or home.

Restorative & Mindful Yoga 

Many people are afraid or wrongly believe they can't do yoga due to joint or range of motion issues. Not true! Restorative Yoga brings the floor up to you, using blankets, pillows and blocks to support your body so you can reach a state of deep relaxation and relief. 

We created this series in addition to our monthly therapeautic yoga flows  specifically for women who want a  better night’s sleep, enhanced mood and reduced pain. This can be practiced at any time of day, but it is particularly helpful in the evening when bodies are tired and minds are wired.


Each month, we add to your on demand library of targeted yoga flows (combination of chair, seated and standing in 15, 20, 30 and 60 min time frames), Breathwork sequences and guided  meditations.

The themes of our classes are selected based on member feedback and  target various aches/pains (neck, shoulder, lower back hips, etc.), along with seasonal considerations and various challenges we experience in our healing journey.

Our nutrition resources  also evolve with the seasons and are easy to implement. Each month, we share new recipe books, meal plans, fun cooking tutorials and deep dives into supplements, superfoods and other aspects of nutrition that our members request. In all that we do, we believe in having a good relationship with food and having fun along the way!


Motivation. Accountability. Authenticity. We are real people, not a computer-generated course.

This is how we are able to help you apply what you're learning.  Every month, you have the option of connecting LIVE with our team experts and other members so you feel supported and focused every step of the way. This is important as social pain (isolation) and physical pain are located in the same part of the brain! Crazy right? We like to keep things real and record all calls for replay access.


Autoimmune is a year-round event and we all  have different challenges with different seasons.

Unlike unpersonalized apps, our team selects monthly content based on member feedback and tailor it to your immediate challenges so you don't stall in your healing. 

We also invite guest experts on topics that matter to our members. Some of our earlier guests speak on gut health, functional medicine, strategies for work, the power of gratitude, emotional eating, detoxification and hormones! 

Vanessa's approach is very different …

Headshot of Vanessa - anti-inflammatory nutritionist

"Vanessa is compassionate, informative, and motivating. Her programs are set in a way that you are gradually changing and improving your diet and lifestyle. She helped me stay on track, by providing me the ‘pep’ talk I needed to push through, especially on the days or weeks I just wanted to give up. I don’t think I would have been so successful without her and her amazing programs."

- Victoria S, RA, Lupus, Sjogren’s

"Vanessa's approach is very different from my previous experiences. I am a perfectionist and therefore in the past I would jump in 100% with a new eating plan and try to be perfect. However, with Vanessa's approach she got me to start introducing a healthier eating plan very slowly. This helped me to build a better relationship with food. Another big difference for me was that she created a protocol that was flexible to suit my specific needs. The flexibility was very helpful for me, since it continued to support me to be healthier, but I didn't feel deprived or too overwhelmed (like I did in the past). I also liked her level headed approach between the medical and holistic industry. Again, it was a good balance between the two and not the one or the other approach."

- Karin R (Hashimoto’s, RA and Type 2 Diabetes)

Plate of healthy foods, salmon, quinoa, fruit, vegetables

Wait... what's included again?

Total Monthly Value: $932


Evidence-Based & Professionally Guided Nutrition For Autoimmune
(Monthly Value: $147)

Deep dives into autoimmune-friendly nutrition including foods, supplements, offsetting medications, various conditions & the importance of nutrient density. We clear up any confusion as to which foods are best for YOU with informative videos, handouts and worksheets.



Nutrient Dense Recipes & Reality-Based Meal Planning
(Monthly Value = $199)

Fast, simple, delicious anti-inflammatory recipe books & DFY meal plans that have a strong focus on improving nutrient density

  • Anti-Inflammatory / Itis which is an upgraded Mediterranean Diet designed for flexibility and those with rheumatic conditions
  • The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP or modified AIP)  for those who with multiple foods allergies/sensitivities or digestive autoimmune
  • Additional Troubleshooting Diets and recipes for various conditions & health challenges
  • Foundational Course: Reality-Based Meal Planning, making autoimmune nutrition work for you & your family
  • Monthly instruction & feedback to put it all together while also feeding other family members


Live Community Support & Guidance
(Value = $399)

Community for motivation and implementation:

  • 2 Live Coaching Calls Per Month with our community experts so you can ask questions, plus monthly health/wellness guest speakers
  • Guest speakers on subjects that matter to members 
  • Community Forum (not Facebook) to post Qs & connect with other like-minded members


Scientifically Proven Breath & Movement To Improve Both Physical & Mental Resilience / Strength
(Value = $187)

Proven yoga, meditation and breathwork techniques and instruction for autoimmune bodies and all levels (beginner or advanced):

  • Instructional breakdown of yoga postures, why/how they support health
  • Practical seated classes appropriate for the office, home, at the park, on the go
  • Foundational Course: Introduction To Breathwork for Energy, Focus and Pain
  • Foundational Course: Introduction To Restorative Yoga to help improve pain tolerance, mood and sleep 
  • Guided Monthly Meditations to set intentions
  • You can’t YouTube these trainings as they are created specifically for this community and autoimmune bodies



Working with Kristin has been truly life changing …

Headshot of Kristin - certified professional health and wellness coach

"Working with Kristin has been truly life changing for me! The first big shift is I'm not as stressed. Stress was the number one thing that exacerbated my symptoms. I was doing all those various diets and it wasn't working. I realized my symptoms were showing up because of stress. Now I know how to process it and release it from my body."

- Bridget C, MS

"The breath pattern Kristin taught me has gotten me back to sleep at night without playing back 20 scenarios in my mind and exhausting myself 30 minutes before the alarm goes off."

- Marianne B

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The Integrative Autoimmune Network 



Yours Today!

$68 CAD per month

(~$51 USD/month)

  • Reality-Based Meal Planning Instruction and Resources, Including Easy Recipes, Meal Plans and Tutorials ($199/month)
  • Monthly Nutritional Counsel To Help You Apply What You're Learning ($147/month)
  • Scientifically Proven Breath & Movement To Renourish The Nervous System & Rebalance Immune Response (Value = $187/month)
  • Community Support & Guidance ($399/month)
  • BONUS: 3 courses on Autoimmune Nutrition, Breath and Yoga for focused results
  • BONUS: Opportunity to work with the team on a symptoms study
  • BONUS: Special considerations for autoimmune kids & teens
  • BONUS: Access to monthly guest speakers and experts you might not otherwise be able to ask questions



Is this too good to be true?

Quite simply, there isn’t anything like this for autoimmune in the health  industry despite the fact that autoimmune is a growing epidemic (17% increase year after year).

Doctors can't keep up and prices everywhere keep going up. This leaves the average person who wants professionally-guided, affordable, scientifically-backed solutions to help improve their health without many options.

So, we created what our clients and communities asked for, applying what we teach in our private practices to our membership, so you can receive the motivation, guidance and resources you need to work on your health ... things in your control.

Consider the cost & time spent ducting tape  resources together. It can creep up without you knowing it:

  • Cookbooks that gather dust
  • Gym, yoga or fitness memberships not targeted to autoimmune
  • Meal plans that aren't customized to your schedule, likes, dislikes and no real-life feedback on how to make them work at home
  • The monthly cost of working one-on-one with an expert with no support between appointments
  • Stress-targeting solutions that don't understand the nuances for women living with chronic, pain, fatigue and digestive disorders

It is our mission to alleviate that financial and disconnected strain. All of our content and resources are catered specifically to you and your health goals of reducing pain, fatigue and digestive discomfort in the next 3-6 months.

If you're done with googling and experiencing limited results, use the code BONDWITHHEALTH and receive $20 off your first month so you can experience the results our members have first hand.

ADDITIONAL BONUS: If you have a diagnosed rheumatic or arthritic disease, you have the option to participate in a symptoms tracking study, working in a small VIP group scenario with Vanessa as part of a health industry study.​

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your health with intention, an evidence plan and professional support?

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Commonly Asked Questions

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The Integrative Autoimmune Network


Yours Today!

$68 CAD/month

(~$51 USD/month)

  • Reality-Based Meal Planning Instruction and Resources, Including Easy Recipes, Meal Plans and Tutorials ($199/month)
  • Monthly Nutritional Counsel To Help You Apply What You're Learning ($147/month)
  • Scientifically Proven Breath & Movement To Renourish The Nervous System & Rebalance Immune Response (Value = $187/month)
  • Community Support & Guidance ($399/month)
  • BONUS: 3 courses on Autoimmune Nutrition, Breath and Yoga for focused results
  • BONUS: Opportunity to work with the team on a symptoms study
  • BONUS: Special considerations for autoimmune kids & teens
  • BONUS: Access to monthly guest speakers and experts you might not otherwise be able to ask questions

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