If ever there was a reason...

Hi, I'm Vanessa Bond

Founder of Bond With Health Inc. and the BWH Autoimmune Collective

I became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner to overcome my own health goals (IBS, eczema, elevated RH factor, undiagnosed IBD). But then in 2018, my daughter was diagnosed with an ultra rare rheumatic condition called CRMO (similar to JIA or RA). 

Diet, lifestyle and a strategic gut-health focus have been MAJOR factors in helping better manage flares and inflammation.

And so now, my business is focused on helping women (& sometimes their family members) improve symptoms of  inflammation & imbalances  (energy, pain, digestion, skin and metabolism) so they become confident in knowing how to care for their bodies inside and out while living with chronic illness.

I believe all families should have access to natural health care and giving back to the autoimmune community is one of my core values. In the US, diseases like RA or Crohn's can cost a family upwards of $25K a year. In Canada, not all medications are covered by insurance. That's a major gap that needs to be filled.

I know that nutrition plays a key role in managing inflammation ... and nutrition plans should be practical, flexible and realistic for real lives. A food list won't help people apply changes to their daily lives. 

I believe nutritional recommendations should be evidence-based - not trendy - and honour your unique situation. I do not follow a "one-size fits all" approach ... especially when it comes to inflammation. There are many factors to take into consideration, and it's my job to help you identify and overcome these imbalances so you can get back to feeling confident in your body.

Some quick credentials (because experience matters): 

  • In 2006, I went back to school to study holistic nutrition at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, requiring 700+ hours of in class training and co-op. This was no fly-by-night online certification. 

  • On graduation, I worked at one of Canada's leading professional grade supplements companies that manufactures nutraceuticals, homeopathics, herbals, but I felt like I was back in the corporate world and yearned for something more personable.
  • My own client-based training began working in two of Toronto's top naturopathic clinics where I supported clinic patients with a wide variety of conditions. Here, I found my groove and loved working 1:1 to create nutritional plans that were changing lives.
  • Since graduation, I have earned additional training & certification in AIP nutrition, gut health, endocrinology and nutrition, fat loss, blood sugar balancing, energy medicine and live cell analysis. 
  • I am also back at IHN as an Advisor to their student clinic, helping future nutritionists create their first-ever, real-person client protocols.
  • I am a member in good standing of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners, which qualifies many employee benefits packages for insurance claims.
  • I currently collaborate with health care teams, including naturopathic & functional doctors, along with other healthcare professionals, including fitness, chiropractic and mindset experts 

  • It's my personal mission to help bridge the gap between medical and natural support for those with autoimmune, increase research to support nutrition to help educate the medical community on the benefits, and autoimmune, and to ensure every person who is diagnosed receives some sort of guidance to help round out their prescriptions.

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