I specialize in helping adults and kids struggling with autoimmune and inflammatory pain, fatigue and weight learn how to eat & live for their conditions so they can move more, laugh more and connect more with life and loved ones.

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Vanessa brings a unique perspective to her private and group coaching clients - she is a seasoned nutritional practitioner with 10 years experience working with various conditions (autoimmune, weight loss, adrenal fatigue, IBS, arthritis), an AIP certified coach & the mom of an autoimmune family.

She knows that dietary recommendations need to be practical, tasty, easy-to-implement as well as evidence-based in order to be successful which is why she uses her signature approach - Reality-Based Meal Planning - to help take the stress out of food. She provides all the tools clients need to succeed including easy-to-prepare recipes, meal plans, food lists and online journalling to help clients stay accountable.

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Supplements can help you feel better faster - fatigue, pain and digestion. Vanessa creates simple, customized supplement protocols for private clients to address gut health, energy pathways and inflammation.

Vanessa uses an online dispensary that ships supplements direct to clients' homes in both Canada and the US so you don't have to search the store or web on your own. She is not dedicated to one brand, chooses her recommendations based on what's best for the person, and passes on professional cost savings to her  clients.

The cost of supplements are not included in services as recommendations differ from person to person.

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Laboratory testing can help identify root contributors for inflammation, especially with autoimmune, digestive & arthritic conditions.

Vanessa collaborates with other natural health experts on functional lab testing and now offers them in her private practice through Great Plains Laboratories:

  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology

  • Organic Acids & Mycotoxin Testing

  • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing (190 foods)

  • Heavy Metals & Hair Analysis

  • Salivary Hormones

  • Vitamin D levels

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Fundamentals To Naturally Reclaim Health & Energy ($897 CAD)

This 8-week group coaching program is a practical, step-by-step roadmap to help busy parents (and your families) transition from the Standard American Diet to one of four possible anti-inflammatory diets that work well with autoimmune, depending on your health history and goals.

Together, we remove key culprits for fatigue and inflammation and build a nutrient-dense, personalized food and lifestyle program for your unique situation.

This program covers all the aspects you need to thrive while living with chronic illness, and is designed for individuals who are ready to commit to nutrition and want a high-touch, high support VIP experience to stay accountable. It does not include the cost of supplements or lab testing.


Additional Customization ($1787 CAD)

For clients interested in gut health protocols and additional lab testing, Vanessa offers additional private client support. This package includes access to all the benefits and coaching of the The Autoimmune Family system, plus 5 additional private consults for functional lab testing, supplement customization, meal plans specific to your needs, and unlimited email support. This package does not include the cost of labs or supplements as these vary from person to person.


Get Started Support ($47 - $597 CAD)

Vanessa offers an introductory nutrition package, speciality sessions to help you troubleshoot if you are already following a nutrition plan, and Self Study E-Guides designed for busy families who want to work on nutrition on their own, but not sure what to do.