Pain. Energy. Digestion. Healthy Weight. Healthy Outlook.

These goals walk hand-in-hand with our members and private clients.

Vanessa and her team are able to help their clients improve energy by up to 70%, digestion by up to 90%, reduce pain scores by 30% and lose anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds in the first 2 months. 

Results are consistent. Here's why.

Vanessa brings a unique perspective as a professional with 10+ years client experience working in integrative clinics as well as her own online practice serving women, men and children with complicated conditions.

She is also the mom of an autoimmune teen and knows nutrition and lifestyle recommendations need to be easy and enjoyable to get long lasting results.

She uses the Autoimmune Nutrition Triad and Reality-Based Planning in all she provides so small changes add up to big wins, with less stress.

In addition to evidence-based nutrition, her team provides therapeutic yoga for all body types and levels of experience, plus breathwork for those looking to improve both physical fitness and mental resilience while living with chronic illness.

Orthomolecular Nutrition

Quickly restore energy, pain and digestion with a customized supplement plan.

When it comes to supplements, Vanessa believes less is more because you can not out-supplement food. She does not subscribe to one specific brand and her supplement plans are designed for the person, not the condition. 

Vanessa is professionally trained in orthomolecular nutrition & herbal medicine, and has the experience of working in one of Canada's top professional supplement companies that included nutraceuticals, herbal remedies and homeopathics (CanPrev & Orange Naturals). 

Functional Lab Testing

Certain laboratory testing can help identify imbalances that we can then correct with nutrition, supplement & lifestyle changes. Vanessa often collaborates with other medical & natural health experts on testing and offers functional testing to select private clients through Mosaic Diagnostics.

  • IgG Food Sensitivity (190 foods + Candida Antibodies) to quickly ID foods triggering immune reactions

  • Organic Acids (OAT) and MycoTox to identify metabolic imbalances contributing to inflammation
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis to identify microflora imbalances

Personalized Private & Group Coaching



Monthly Membership ($47 CAD/month or ~$38 USD/month)

Proven anti-inflammatory nutrition, yoga and breatwork for autoimmune bodies!

Our monthly membership designed to integrate into your larger health plan so you can be more active, enjoy food and stop feeling limited in your life! This is perfect for those who want a combination of self study and professional guidance (at an affordable price).  

Members have a wide range of diagnoses,  including rheumatic, neuromuscular, IBD, thyroid, inflammatory arthritis and metabolic conditions like insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

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($698 CAD)

For busy clients who want a customized nutrition plan to support health goals or complicated health situations, using Vanessa's Reality-Based Meal Planning Method. We place a strong focus on increasing the nutrient density of what you're eating and make sure that your nutrition plan works not only for your diagnosis and health goals ... but your life! Flexibility is key.

The package includes four appointments (90 Min intake and 3 x 45Min follow ups), along with a supplement recommendations. Additional sessions can be added on, depending on your needs.

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$1495 CAD (~$1200 USD)

For clients who want to include functional laboratory testing to identify and target imbalances that contribute to joint/muscle pain, digestion and metabolic issues. This package also includes VIP custom meal planning where we help you implement Vanessa's Reality-Based Meal Planning Solution with a strong emphasis on nutrient density ... what you ADD to your plate so nutrition is flexible and realistic for your life.

This package includes one functional lab test (food sensitivities, comprehensive stool analysis or organic acids ) in addition to six private consults (90 Min intake + 5 x 45 Min follow ups) and supplement recommendations. Additional sessions and testing can be added, depending on your needs.

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