Don't like water? Try this instead

aip anti-inflammatory drink itis paleo recipe recipes Jun 12, 2024

If you have a hard time hitting your water goals, here are a few simple recipes and ideas to keep things fresh, fun and tasty. All of these ideas are anti-inflammatory, paleo and AIP friendly and use what you already have at home!

But first, if you missed my blog on how dehydration increases symptoms of pain, fatigue, skin eruptions and GI upset > CLICK HERE

Now, let's drink!


Herbal Tea (Cold or Warm)

Herbal teas makes a great warm or iced-tea option. Caffeine free teas count as water intake, and you don't need any fancy equipment or ingredients. 

You can use tea bags or loose (if you have an infuser). If you're going to purchase tea bags, opt for unbleached tea bags.

Brew 1 cup per tea bag or serving. If you like a slightly sweet flavour, add a tablespoon of honey (lower glycemic). Let it brew until the flavour you like, cool to room temperature and then put in container for the fridge.

If you want to increase the flavour profile: 

  • Add some slices of orange or lemon
  • Add fresh herbs like basil, mint or lavender
  • Add vanilla (works well with rooibos)
  • Add cinnamon

Here are some of my favourites. You can drink these on their own, or combine! There isn't a right/wrong ... just have fun with it. All of these are AIP friendly.

  • Ginger for digestion
  • Lemon as a swap for lemonade
  • Peppermint for digestion and nausea; it is also stimulating so it will keep you awake
  • Turmeric for general inflammation (although best absorbed with fat, so have with a snack)
  • Rooibos
  • Cinnamon (helps with blood sugar)

Savvy Soda Swaps

Many people have a hard time breaking up with soda, or love sparkling water and wonder ... "is it bad for me?"  

Soda (sweetened or diet) comes with a lot of health concerns. It can impact teeth, bone and hormonal health, not to mention that artificial sweeteners can cause additional health risks (disrupts gut health, heart, headaches, brain, obesity). This is a topic for another blog. Let's focus on solutions.

The unflavoured and unsweetened sparkling or carbonated drinks are definitely the healthiest pick of the bunch (no added chemicals ... even "natural flavours" are chemicals).

The minerals added typically have minimal impact on health. The biggest concern with carbonated water is around teeth enamel when consumed in excess, however, oral concerns are usually with sweetened bubbles. And sparkling water does have some benefits for digestion and swallowing (ie., it can help with constipation).

Of course, if sodium is a concern of yours, ask your doctor first. And if you experience adverse burping or other GI symptoms, you may want to reduce or try something else.

Sparkling water will count towards your daily water intake and may be a good swap when you're looking to reduce soda and alcohol to support your health. Similar to an iced or herbal tea, you can play with the flavour profiles to create some more excitement:

  • Add fresh herbs, cucumber
  • Add real fruit for flavour
  • Add a splash of blueberry or another pure juice like Cranberry or Orange for a "mocktail" option on special occasions
  • Add coconut water or kombucha to bubbles

Some of these are higher in sugar, so use them for special occasions or if you truly are having a hard time giving up sweet sodas. Little changes lead to big results and it's my job to meet you where you're at.

If you're not sure how much water you should be drinking, make sure you check out my blog on Dehydration and Autoimmune.


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